About Us

The Goal of PCANY is to:


1) To develop and maintain the highest standards in the practice of Parenting Coordination.


2) To promote the responsible development and appropriate use of Parenting Coordination in the New York State Supreme and Family Courts.


3) To serve as a resource for parenting coordinators and the Courts.



PCANY Suggested Minimum Training for Parenting Coordinators in NYS


  1. All Parenting Coordinators must be an attorney, psychiatrist, psychologist, or social worker, licensed in at least one state as of the date of application. All professionals must have five years of parenting coordination experience and/or five years of other significant court related (assigned) experience in litigation, evaluation and/or resolution of custody and visitation cases, with moderate and high conflict families and accepted by the membership committee.


Significant experience is defined as a minimum of 20 court related (assigned) custody and visitation cases with high and moderate conflict families within the five years prior to the date of application, and/or equivalent experience as determined by the membership committee.


  1. Parenting Coordinators must have completed basic mediation training related to resolving family conflicts.


  1. Parenting Coordinators who are not a licensed mental health professional must have completed five (5) hours of training in the fundamentals of family dynamics and individual psychopathology.


  1. Forty-seven (47) hours of Parent Coordination training is required that preferably should be taken as an integrated program. The training must cover the modules recommended in the AFCC May, 2005 document, Guidelines for Parenting Coordinationand should include the following material:


  1. Fourteen (14) hours of training which will provide an overview of the field of parenting coordination.


  1. Three (3) hours of domestic violence training which addresses how domestic violence issues affect families in conflict as well as the parenting coordination process. Such training will include discussion of how to determine when cases having a history of domestic violence are, and are not appropriate for Parent Coordination, and safe and responsible practices.


  1. Five (5) hours of training in family dynamics and psychopathology, which should address the psychosocial dynamics of families in conflict as it relates to Parent Coordination work.


  1. Three (3) hours of training in substance abuse knowledge, which should increase awareness of how substance abuse problems affect families in conflict and the parent coordination process.


  1. One (1) hour of training in court procedures and applicable New York State law, including how the court system operates.


  1. A minimum of twenty-one (21) hours of conflict resolution training as it relates to Parent Coordination.


  1. Parenting Coordinators should complete a minimum amount of continuing education and peer review each year.